Announcing a New Submissions Policy

For over 15 years The Ned Leavitt Agency has felt it was important to accept submissions from anyone willing to send in material for consideration.  We have believed that encouraging writers is an important service that agents offer and we have tried to keep our doors open to anyone. However, we have come to the regretful decision that we can no longer accept submissions unless they are recommended by someone we already know.   Over the years the volume of submissions has grown alarmingly. Also the time needed to keep track of what’s come in and to respond to phone calls following up on submissions has become too much of a burden on our small office. We have also been receiving more and more submissions that have no relation to the kind of material we represent.

If you have already submitted to us with an SASE, we are sorry to say we will not be able to respond. As of January 1, 2007 all submissions not meeting our guidelines will not be accepted and will be recycled.

We regret this decision, but our advice to writers seeking representation is to search out writing groups or writing teachers that can give support to your work and can provide recommendations to agents when they feel your work is ready for submission to a professional publishing person.  

As for guidance in the writing process we strongly recommend the following books:

WRITING DOWN THE BONES by Nathalie Goldberg
BIRD BY BIRD by Anne Lamott.